Private Instruction

New Softball Summer Private Lesson Special

Basic Packages $140(Non ASA) $100(ASA)

Your little slugger will learn the fundamentals of fastpitch softball! Choose a concentration of hitting, fielding or pitching, and a highly trained instructor will create a lesson plan specifically tailored to your Slugger. Basic packages will focus on the development of skills and understanding. In this package your Slugger will receive 5 Half Hour sessions, with each session progressing at the pace of your Slugger.

Intermediate Packages $170(Non ASA) $120(ASA)

Take it up a notch! This package is great for players in their 3rd or 4th year of playing. Instructors will increase the intensity of drills while breaking down their reasoning to improve upon both overall talent and mental game. In this package, your Slugger will receive 5 Half Hour sessions within the concentration of hitting, fielding or pitching. Each session progressing at the pace of your Slugger.

Advanced Packages $195(Non ASA) $135(ASA)

Take your game to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL! Advanced packages in the concentrations of Hitting, Fielding or Pitching will help your Slugger gain a competitive edge over their competition by improving on the finer details such as, the use of pitch count as a batter or pitcher and how to “read” a batter as a player in the field. The drills ran through this package are HARD and are designed to fine tune the skills your Slugger already possesses. In this package, your Slugger will receive 5 Forty Five Minute sessions, with each session progressing at the pace of your Slugger.

Position Specific Instruction $225(Non ASA) $165(ASA)

Only the committed Sluggers can handle these drills that focus intensely on position-specific defense. Each movement in play will be broken down into its component parts and practiced until it becomes automatic. This packages includes 6 one hour sessions, with each session progressing at the pace of the athlete.

Hitting/Pitching To Perfection $280(Non ASA) $200(ASA)

Experience instructors will perfect your Sluggers hitting or pitching skills through the use of video recording and replaying. These 6 One Hour Sessions will allow your Slugger to see the mistakes she is making for herself and discuss with the instructor on how to improve. This package is designed to take players to the collegiate level!

Softball IQ Package $150(Non ASA) $100 (ASA)

Whether you need to know the basics between a force play versus a tag play or need an advanced strategy for which pitch to throw to strike the last batter out this package is for you. Either our Director of Softball Chris LeClair or Sluggers General Manager Brandon Portwine will arrange the lessons to cater to your needs.  All sessions will include one on one teaching in a classroom setting with diagrams of the field and some field demonstrations. In addition to chart your progress quizzes will be given each session and a test at the end to show the knowledge you have learned.  All participants will be able to keep all materials from the classes. This package has 6 Sessions each 45 Minutes.

Topics covered in the class but not limited to include:

  • Base Running Do's & Don'ts
  • Bunt Defense Systems
  • 1st & 3rd Strategies
  • Defensive Depths
  • Pitching Strategies
  • Cutoff & Relay Systems
  • Rules on Interference & Obstruction Calls
  • Softball Etiquette
  • Mental Preparation