ASA Maine Sluggers Travel Softball Teams

Sluggers is currently accepting players for our 2018 Travel Teams.  We have limited availability, so any player who is interested will need to contact Jenn Plourde to request a try out!  Our teams play an Elite Summer Tournament schedule and we pride ourselves in getting our athletes to an Elite level and putting them on a path to play College Softball.

Player Perks:

-We will play as many local games as we can schedule, however this is not guarenteed and depends on the schedule limitations that we have with the players on our team.  We will schedule as many local games as possible within the constraints of individuals schedules.

-Players also receive a team practice every Sunday until the end of the school year.  Once the players are out of school we will practice on weeknights.  We understand some athletes will not be able to make every practice as they are playing other sports, however we expect that when it becomes Spring/Summer that players make this program one of their priorities.

-All ASA players will receive everything I have named above and on top of that have a year long membership to Sluggers.  This means that the players are authorized to use Sluggers free of charge anytime they want, to include our batting simulator! Not only will they be able to use the facility, but they will receive discounts on all clinics that they wish to sign up for, as well as special ASA Rates for lessons!


Sluggers will be registering ASA Class A teams for 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U age levels who will be coached by the finest staff of youth softball coaches ever assembled under one roof. Teams will consist of 12.

Sluggers is a competitive Team program which is designed for players who wish to compete at the highest level and who have aspirations to be college softball players! Practices will start in November for the U14-U18


12U: Sluggers U12 ASA Team will travel in state to showcase their talents and compete in their age division. Each team will compete in 4 tournaments with additional games as scheduled.

14U-18U: These teams will travel across New England to compete against the best talent in the Class A division. Each team will compete in 4 tournaments with additional games as scheduled.

(The higher the age group the more travel may be required)

Sluggers Testimonials:

“My daughter has always been a confident player, and when it shattered (in her school season) it was Sluggers who put it back together.”

“Your coaching staff this season was GREAT. My daughter enjoyed playing in your program, gained confidence, and overall improved her game tremendously. Thank you so much!"