Spikeball is an net sport-inspired primarily by concepts from volleyball. Most games consist of four players, but there are also two- and six-player variants. Differences include where the players line up and infraction penalties, among others. The materials used in Spikeball include a small trampoline-like object with string netting, a small bouncing ball with a 12-inch circumference, and four players. In standard play, players line up next to each other around the trampoline; in other versions, they line up across from each other. In all versions, the game starts with a serve from one team to another, continues as long as the ball is being hit from players back to the net, and ends when an infraction occurs between either the players or the ball.


  • Unlimited Players
  • Equipment Provided
  • 8 AM – 3 PM- $15/ Hour
  • 3 PM – 8 PM- $20/ Hour
  • Call Us at (207) 951-2250 to Reserve a Court!



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