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The lists complied bellow are Sluggers Alumni who have went on to play college baseball or softball. For questions about Sluggers, or to sign up for training or teams, call us as (207) 951-2250!

Baseball Alumni

Chase Allen – Husson University (D3)

Nick Bagley – Thomas College (D3)

Austin Baron – Husson University (D3)

Derek Bowen – University of Maine at Farmington (D3)

Matt Burnett – University of Sothern Maine (D3)

Tommy Burns – Husson University (D3)

Dakota Chipman – CMCC (D3)

Brad Cross – Husson University (D3)

Adam Eustler – Husson University (D3)

Isaac Eustler – Husson University (D3)

Dennis Farnham – North Vermont University at Lydon (D3)

Seth Garvin – Husson University (D3)

Jacob Gauvin – Husson University (D3)

Andrew Gendreau – University of New England (Club)

Nick Gurrette – Husson University (D3)

Christian Greener – Rivier University (D3)

Ryan Jurgiewich – Thomas College (D3)

Cameron Kane – Thomas College (D3)

Jacob Keenan – Thomas College (D3)

Gresley Langbein – Mitchell College (D3)

Nick Lorenzo – Husson University (D3)

Jordan MacDonald – American International College (D2)

Zach Murray – Thomas College (D3)

Ethan Nash – University of Maine at Farmington (D3)

Tyler Parke – University of Sothern Maine / Husson University (D3)

Even Pelkey – Husson University (D3)

Matt Perconti – Wentworth Institute of Technology (D3)

Nick Perfit – Husson University / UMaine Presque Isle(D3)

Corey Rogers – Husson University / Thomas College (D3)

Kobe Rogerson – Husson University (D3)

Logan Rogerson – Husson University (D3)

Ethan Sheppard – Husson University (D3)

Logan Sheridan – Husson University (D3)

Beckett Slayton – Bowdoin College (D3)

Aron Smestad – Thomas College (D3)

Brad Smith – Thomas College (D3)

Brandon Smith – Husson University (D3)

Ethan Stoddard – University of Maine (DI) / Husson University (D3)

Harrison Vinall – Thomas College (D3)

Connor Wagstaff – Southern New Hampshire University (D2)

Ben Walls – Husson University (D3)

Ryan Ward – John Hopkins (Club)

Tyler Young – Husson University (D3)

Chris Albert – UMaine Farmington (D3)

Austin Snow – Husson University (D3)

Sam Keblinksy – SMCC (JUCO)

Softball Alumni

*This list is in the process of being generated*

About Us



Excellent facility with excellent staff!! We joined Sluggers for the first time last year and it's probably the best decision we ever made for our son, who wants to play baseball for as long as he can!! Sluggers is allowing him that opportunity and we are beyond grateful for the wonderful coaching that goes on in Sluggers!! Excellence truly starts at Sluggers!

This is an excellent facility with an amazing team and family atmosphere! The focus on player health and development is awesome! The motivation and encouragement from the coaching staff make everyone work harder and better with each other!

The staff there is super knowledgeable and friendly. Can't wait to go again!

Sluggers is AWESOME! My son loves it there and has grown so much as a player. Great instruction, fair prices, and an excellent year-round facility. If your child loves baseball or softball, do yourself a favor and visit Sluggers!

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