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Projection Tunnel

Our state of the art Pitching Machine allows players to practice better timing off of a live simulator! Great tool for a live at-bat feel!

$30 for 30 minutes
$45 for 60 minutes

Regular Cage

Up to 4 People (More than 4 will need to pay team price)

Regular Cage Rentals are great tools to use for small drills such as tee-work, front toss, and soft toss which are all included in the rental fee.

$25 for 30 minutes
$30 for 60 minutes

Projection Cage and Regular Cage rentals are priced for 1 individual. Each additional person add $5 to the total cost.


Membership Fee – $150

Unlimited Use of Facility for 30 days

Sluggers is happy to announce we will now be offering monthly facility memberships! Memberships are for 30 days. Start anytime during a month. No Contracts!!! What does the membership include?

Includes: Free facility access to Sluggers. Must call in advance to reserve a cage. Walk ins are accepted, however the facility may be full. Calling and booking in advance will ensure you get your cage!

*Sluggers reserves the right to refuse to sell a monthly pass during the busiest time of the year at the lack of cage availability and will be sold on a case by case basis.*

Hitting Passes

Buy a Simulator or Regular Cage Hitting Pass, this allows your Slugger to set up times to use the a Simulator Cage or a Regular Cage whenever they want!


10 Projection Cage uses for 30 minutes each: $225

10 Projection Cage uses for 1 hour each: $360

20 Projection Cage uses for 30 minutes each: $425

20 Projection Cage uses for 1 hour each: $660

10 Regular Cage uses for 30 minutes each: $150

10 Regular Cage uses for 1 hour each: $200

20 Regular Cage uses for 30 minutes each: $250

20 Regular Cage uses for 1 hour each: $325



Excellent facility with excellent staff!! We joined Sluggers for the first time last year and it's probably the best decision we ever made for our son, who wants to play baseball for as long as he can!! Sluggers is allowing him that opportunity and we are beyond grateful for the wonderful coaching that goes on in Sluggers!! Excellence truly starts at Sluggers!

This is an excellent facility with an amazing team and family atmosphere! The focus on player health and development is awesome! The motivation and encouragement from the coaching staff make everyone work harder and better with each other!

The staff there is super knowledgeable and friendly. Can't wait to go again!

Sluggers is AWESOME! My son loves it there and has grown so much as a player. Great instruction, fair prices, and an excellent year-round facility. If your child loves baseball or softball, do yourself a favor and visit Sluggers!

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