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Summer Lesson Package Special – $225 / 5 Lessons Each 1 Hour

*These Lessons Expire After 90 days from start of 1st Lesson if not used. First Lesson Must start before August 31st, 2020.

This package is same as our Perfection Packages. Experienced instructors will help perfect your Slugger’s pitching or hitting skills. This package is designed to help develop skills to the next playing level for your Slugger.

Basic Packages- $200/ 5 Sessions – 30 Minutes Each

Single Basic Lesson: $55

Learn the fundamentals of baseball or softball! Choose a concentration of hitting, fielding, or pitching and one of our professional staff members will create a lesson plan tailored to your Slugger. Basic packages will focus on skill development and understanding. Sluggers will receive 5 – 30-minute lessons in this package.

Pitching/Hitting To Perfection- $350/ 6 sessions – 1 Hour Each

Single Perfection Lesson: $80

Experienced instructors will help perfect your Slugger’s pitching or hitting skills. This package is designed to help develop skills to the next playing level for your Slugger. Sluggers will receive 6 – 1-hour lessons with this package.

Softball analytics Training Package- $450/ 6 Sessions – 90 Minutes Each

Get the most out of your career with Sluggers Analytics-Based Training Package! This package helps athletes train the way the pros do; with advanced metrics including Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Pitching/ Throwing Velocity, Spray Charts, and more. All of this comes in addition to the expertise we proved in the perfection package. Sluggers will receive 6 – 90 minute lessons with this package.

Softball Strength and CONDITIONING Package- $275/ 8 Sessions – 45 Minutes Each

Our Strength and Conditioning Package is for those athletes looking to increase their strength, stamina, and agility throughout the offseason and heading into their preseason. This program contains drills to improve athleticism through the use of cones, ladder, and hurdles.  In addition, medicine balls, small weights, and bodyweight circuits are used to improve their strength and increase explosiveness. We highly recommend sessions to be done at least twice a week to get the full value of this program. Sluggers will receive 8 – 45 minute lessons with this package.

College Recruitment Skills Video- $200

This package is for high school baseball and softball players who are looking to move on to the collegiate level. Sluggers will shoot and produce a college recruitment video for your player. In this video, we will shoot all aspects of their game that they want to showcase to colleges while using our instructors’ knowledge to showcase what coaches want to see as well. Sluggers will then give the video to the athlete to provide to colleges on their own.

Softball IQ Package- $175/ 5 sessions – 1 Hour Each

Whether you need to know the basics between a force play versus a tag play or need an advanced strategy for which pitch to throw to strike out the last batter this package is for you! One of our professional staff members will arrange lessons to cater to your needs. All sessions will include one on one teaching in a classroom setting with diagrams of the field and some on-field demonstration. Buying this package will give your Slugger 5 – 1-hour lessons.


Mini-Group Lessons are GREAT for carpooling! Have a friend that wants to join you? Bring them along for our group lessons! Pick one or two skills to focus on for the hour session and our instructor will make a lesson plan based on your needs and skill level! Great for pitching, hitting, fielding, or catching!

Single Mini Group Lesson

2 Players: $110

3 Players: $135

4 Players: $160

5 Players: $185

Package of 5 Mini Group Lessons

(Must be same group members each lesson)

2 Players: $390

3 Players: $510

4 Players: $620

5 Players: $720


Is Sluggers too far for your team and parents to travel? No worries… we will come to YOU! You let us know a date and time with advanced notice and Sluggers will send an instructor to your location for your team training session! Tell us what you would like implemented at practice and how big of a space you have and we will make a personalized practice plan for your team!

Individual Lessons Packages Topics Include the Following:


  • Stance Alignment with the Plate
  • Timing Techniques
  • Hand Placement on Bat
  • Tee-Drills
  • Increased Hand Speed
  • Recognition of Spins
  • Plate Awareness
  • The proper way to get hit by the ball
  • Bunting Form & Techniques
  • Baserunning Intelligence and speed


  • Mechanics Techniques
  • Balancing Importance Perfection
  • Head Control (Mentally & Physically)
  • Grips and Spins
  • Stride Importance & Hip Control
  • Explosive Movements and where to use them
  • Arm Care/Strength
  • Accuracy
  • Pitching Intelligence


  • Skills taught will be: footwork to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, receiving, blocking, and techniques to give signs and hold runners
  • Improve Arm Strength
  • Increase Intelligence behind the plate
  • Overall intelligence to run the game



Excellent facility with excellent staff!! We joined Sluggers for the first time last year and it's probably the best decision we ever made for our son, who wants to play baseball for as long as he can!! Sluggers is allowing him that opportunity and we are beyond grateful for the wonderful coaching that goes on in Sluggers!! Excellence truly starts at Sluggers!

This is an excellent facility with an amazing team and family atmosphere! The focus on player health and development is awesome! The motivation and encouragement from the coaching staff make everyone work harder and better with each other!

The staff there is super knowledgeable and friendly. Can't wait to go again!

Sluggers is AWESOME! My son loves it there and has grown so much as a player. Great instruction, fair prices, and an excellent year-round facility. If your child loves baseball or softball, do yourself a favor and visit Sluggers!

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